April 15, 2011

Set your camera down

Lately I have been thinking a lot about curiosity.

I am finding about how powerful curiosity can be.

For me, curiosity, in one form, is the ability to see life through the camera lens of another person's "first person" view if you will.

Curiosity is the ability to care about a person enough to set down your camera for a moment and see life as they see it.

1) When is the last time when, in the midst of conflict or disagreement, you took a moment, paused, and were authentically curious about the experience the other person was having (or had previously had)?

What would happen if you set your camera down?

What would happen if you responded saying "help me understand where you are coming from, I genuinely want to know..."

2) When was the last time you were curious about the thoughts in your own mind? Dan Tocchini writes, "are you curious from the inside out?"

I wonder what might happen if we were all truly a bit more curious.

I challenge you to take one hour today and just. be. curious.

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